Monday, November 24, 2008

DTH Vendors

Deck the Halls is proud to bring you the best of local handmade goodness. From vintage inspired hats, pottery, handbags and silk screened shirts to custom gift wrapping and handmade jewelry there is going to be little (or a lot) for everyone. Check out our vendor line up:
Texas Tarts
Enju Design
Tara to the T
Brokn Doll
Sindustry Designs
Wrap Couture
Bonny Beads
Tongue in Chic
Little Cookie
Pamela Michelle
Dowdy Studio
Cut Out And Collect
The Petropolitan
Miss Amy's Stitch & Kitsch
Kessler Craftsman
30 Thousand Dollar Millionaire
Pulp Reality
KraftyMunchkin Designs
Dark Candles
I Am Shabui
House of Dang
Silk Squid
Studio J
EagleHeart Trading Post
Maja, Inc.
Threaded Smiles
Winter Valentine
Salulah and Co
The Mudbug Potter
Through the Looking Glass Studio
Poisoned Creations
La Reunion
Bella Vita Pet
Black Market Art Co.

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